2ser 40th Birthday: Robbie Buck and Richard Kingsmill

Image by Veronika Aleshina

“We are entering into a really unusual phase in the world of media in Australia, and some of it is going to be really great, and some of it not so great. 2SER has a unique opportunity within it, to be what it has always been – which is an independent voice in a dynamic city like Sydney.” – Robbie Buck

“Discovering the talent when they’re first making their steps in the musical world is such an exciting phase because you can spot talent so early on. And to support it, to get in on the ground level, to really champion stuff, it’s still in my blood. Stations like 2SER are in the prime position for doing that.” – Richard Kingsmill

As an educational radio station, 2SER is an incredible training ground for those interested in media. We’ve had some incredible people pass through these walls including Robbie Buck and Richard Kingsmill, who both got their start in radio at 2SER.

Robbie began his time at 2SER after moving to Sydney to find a job, after dabbling in community radio back home in Lismore. Since then, he has worked at SBS, triple j and the ABC and currently is a host on ABC Sydney’s Breakfast Show alongside the beloved Wendy Harmer.

Richard started out at 2SER whilst he was studying Mass Communication at Macquarie University in the early 80’s, and it was at this station that he discovered his love for radio culture. He is now a giant of Australian radio broadcasting with over 30 years of service at the ABC- most notably triple j. There, he has pioneered the series ‘The J-Files’, wrote a couple of books and generally continued to champion all that is good about music. He is now the Group Music Director of the music teams at triple j, Double J, Unearthed, ABC Radio and ABC Country. 

Robbie and Richard joined Alex James in the studio to chat about their time at 2SER. 

Listen to more about Richard’s time at the station Before He Was ‘The King’ here.

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