2ser’s award-winning Think series relaunch with fresh new look and format!

After a stellar run last year, which saw 2ser take home wins at the New York Radio Festival Awards, Think: Digital FuturesThink: Health and Think Sustainability are back with a brand new season.

We’ve given the series a bit of a reboot with an updated look and it’ll now be released seasonally—so that we’re giving each story the time it needs to be thoughtfully crafted and told.

We’ll still be bringing you stories about research from leading academics transforming the way we live and work, today and tomorrow, all for the better. We’ll be deep diving into topics like simulating the universe; the beginning of life with photosynthesis; foods we’ll be eating in the future; and everything else under the sun. If science, technology and culture—and the connections between them—are your beat, then the Think shows are right up your alley.

The new seasons of Think: Digital Futures and Think: Sustainability both relaunch on March 13 while Think: Health will be available from March 27

Each season will have five episodes released weekly. Listen and subscribe now on wherever you get your podcasts. The Think shows will also broadcast on Sundays at 10:30am on 2ser 107.3FM.

Monday 12th of March, 2018

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