Say “Langres”! How To Fall In Love With Cheese

Before you listen to this episode of Tummy Treasures, I just need to make one thing clear: I am not a picky eater. My tastes are wide and varied.

Now. I don’t like cheese. Which is something I expected would be a problem when I was ever-so-kindly invited to attend the Bon Fromage Cheese Festival in June. But still, I went along to a media lunch* where I was presented with dish after dish (after dish after dish) of cheese based recipes! And to my surprise, I mostly didn’t mind it! And the reason for this is because the people putting on this festival know cheese! They get it! And one such person who gets it is Victor Persinette Gautrez, who I had the pleasure of speaking to.

Victor is the owner of K-SEIN Fromagerie in Melbourne, the same city where his love of cheese blossomed. Fortunately, sometimes he leaves Melbourne to go to other places to talk about and eat cheese too. Places like France, or in this instance, Sydney! During our chat Victor taught me why it is important to age cheese and how you actually go about doing something crazy like that. He also taught me how I can learn to love cheese just as much as he does.

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*If more people want to invite me to media lunches then I will gladly accept

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