7:00pm 18th Feb 2016 :: On The Money

On the show this week: Treasurer Scott Morrison set out his economic vision for Australia, but it’s been labelled as nothing more than a “bad accounting lesson”. We’ll hear from Independent Economist Saul Eslake for his take on Morrison’s economic vision – or lack of. Also the Committee for Economic Develop Australia have released their economic outlook for Australia and it’s pretty gloomy – we speak to Chief Executive, Professor Stephen Martin about the challenges we face this year. And we’ll find out why Chief Economist of the Australia Institute, Richard Dennis, says economic jargon – which he calls econobabble – is hiding the truth about what’s really going on in our society.

Show features:

  • Independent Economist, Saul Eslake
  • Committee for Economic Develop Australia,┬áChief Executive, Professor Stephen Martin
  • Chief Economist of the Australia Institute, Richard Dennis

Producers: Andrew Barclay, Vincent Su

Executive Producer: Catherine Zengerer



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