7:00pm 2nd Jul 2015 :: On The Money

On the show this week: a staggering 80 percent of people aged 18 – 64 are worried about their financial security or feel that they have no control over their finances. We find out what you can do if that’s you.

And it’s the end of the financial year – we catch up with accountant Dr David Bond and CEO of the Small Business Council, Peter Strong, for all your tips about how to get the most out of tax time, avoid any nasties and find out if the new year holds any goodies for you.

Show features:

  • Dr David Bond, Senior Lecturer Accounting, UTS Business School
  • Peter Strong, CEO, Small Business Council of Australia
  • John Hollyman, Managing Director, Eqeus

Executive Producer: Catherine Zengerer

Reporter: Tania Katsanis


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