7:00pm 9th Jul 2015 :: On The Money

On the show this week: The nine biggest pharmaceutical companies made $8.3 billion in total revenue in Australia, yet only paid $85 million in tax – that’s a tax rate of about one percent. They faced a Senate Inquiry this week to ‘please explain’. Also will the Chine Free Trade Agreement be as good for Australia as it is for China? Plus two programs for business and communities which make their everyday operations more efficient – saving them money, and saving on those troublesome carbon emissions.

Show features:

  • Greens Senator Christine Milne
  • Dr Patricia Ranald, Spokesperson, AFTINET
  • Paul Bloxham, Chief Economist HSBC Bank Australia and New Zealand
  • Alfred Wimblett, CEO of Kith and Kin
  • Oliver Yates, CEO of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation,
  • Andrea Pape, Projectv Manager, The Give Grid

Executive Producer: Catherine Zengerer, Assistant Producer: June Ramli

Reporters: Roderick Chambers, Alex Smith


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