The Plastic Free July Challenge

“Often individual contributions to societal ills seem like mere “drops in a bucket”; collective aggregation helps by making individual actions seem bucket-sized, immediate, important, and effective.”

-Adrian Camilleri (Senior Lecturer, Marketing at UTS)

The Plastic Free July Challenge arose from a trip to the recycling bins. Rebecca Prince Ruiz, Founder of the Plastic Free July Foundation, says she felt like taking the recycling out was doing good but wondered how all of this plastic got there in the first place. The challenge started locally among her colleagues and has now grown into a global event.

Jason L’Ecuyer, Producer of Think Business Futures, spoke to Rebecca about the plastic free challenge’s ability to turn individual action into collective action. This interview is based off the research of UTS marketing lecturer, Adrian Camilleri into the Collective Aggregation Effect. You can listen to that episode here.

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