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Think: Health examines new evidence and new thinking changing the health game. The show takes an in-depth look at current health challenges and crises, and the cutting-edge research working to solve these problems.

This week

We explore: Coeliac disease; making sense of the symptoms

As is the case for many autoimmune disorders, making sense of the symptoms can sometimes see you wandering around in circles. Coeliac disease is one of these disorders, where the very general yet in some cases severe symptoms of an aversion to gluten are often mistaken for something else, or in three out of four cases never properly diagnosed. This episode you’ll learn what it is about coeliac disease that makes it hard to fully recognise, and some of the innovative measures trying to identify gluten intolerance in early stages of life.

Speakers: Dr Olga Shimoni, Michael Wallach and Anantdeep Kaur from School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, University of Technology Sydney.

Producer: Jake Morcom


Having roamed the halls of 2SER for more than 4 years now, Jake Morcom has had his fingers in many radio pies. Jake now hosts and produces both Think: Health and Think: Sustainability, recently worked as a producer for 2SER’s first podcast series Just Words and co-hosted 2SER’s late flagship LGBTI talks program Gay Panic.

Cheyne Anderson has always loved storytelling but only recently discovered the radio medium. She started volunteering at 2SER in 2015 and produced news and current affairs for The Wire before making the switch to long-form journalism. Alongside producing for Think: Digital Futures, she has recently come aboard to co-produce Think: Health.

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