2SER Breakfast :: 6:00am 22nd May 2023


The Smiths   Panic

Lee Fields   Waiting On The Sidelines

Philippa Nihil   Glisten

Bobby Oroza   My Place, My Time

Angelo Saxon & Case Sensitive   Moonlight Tower

Symphony Orchestra   Radiant Music

The Lemon Twigs   What You Were Doing

Xylouris White   Red Wine

El Michels Affair and Black Thought   Miracle

Concrete Sea   Caroline

Charlotte Cornfield   In From The Rain

The Smiths   Cemetry Gates

Pozi   Faulty Receiver

The Allergies   Mash Up The Sound

Simona Castricum   Limited Edition

Kootsie Don   Lemme Know

Iguana Death Cult   Rope a Dope

James Ellis Ford   The Yips

Dorio   Lost These Days

Cable Ties   Change

Fascinator   Sepia Sandshoes

WITCH   Unimvwesha Shuga

Os Mutantes   Ave Lucifer

Yaeji   Happy feat Nourished By Time

Pearl & The Oysters   Fireflies

Bad//Dreems   New Breeze

U.S. Girls   So Typically Now

Synthia   So Low

Rosa Bordella   Home

HYPERCONFIDENCE   Salt Sprays Carelessly Drown in Dreams

Jeffrey Silverstein   Cowboy Grass

Display Homes   Shiver

Minor Conflict   White Ring Binder

LP Giobbi   Follow The Loop

Simon Robert Gibson   Follow Me Up

Erykah Badu   Penitentiary Philosophy

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