Fast Food and Slow Phones

In this week’s Vultures’ Nest, guests Erin Rooney, David Poltorak and Peter Gleeson get stuck into some of the week’s news with host Sean Morahan.

During weekday lunchtimes in New York, many people order ahead with an app and pay with a credit card – or an app.

Can You Order Lunch in a New York Minute?

From news reports this week, a New York construction worker tried to pay for his lunch with cash, but was refused.  Sean posed some questions to the panel, including:

  • Have you ever experienced a business that only accepts card?
  • Payment minimums for card use – have you experienced them? What are your thoughts?
  • Do you have a preference for paying cash or card (or app)?
  • What concerns do you have about using cash?
  • Are there fewer ATMs around?  If so, why?
  • What is Pete’s strategy for not getting robbed?
  • What was your first experience of credit cards?
  • Have you experienced credit card fraud?


Which Moves Slower? Your iphone or the Wheels of Justice?

France’s consumer watchdog confirmed this week that Apple had agreed to pay € 25M for failing to tell iphone users that upgrading their software could slow down older devices.

Some public criticism has suggested that this was a surreptitious move by Apple to push more people into buying new Apple products sooner than they may have otherwise done.

We asked:

  • Do you use Apple products?
  • Does this news affect your impression of Apple?
  • Have you experienced your phone slowing down?
  • Is this a new version of a calm app?
  • What are your thoughts on phone updates?
  • This is an old issue with a current penalty.  Do you expect this to happen again?
  • How do you feel when technology runs slower than you expect it to?
  • In your opinion, is this ethical?
  • Is there any behaviour that would put you off a company’s products forever?

David shares stories of some creators’ disappointment at the unintended consequences of their creations.


The Vultures Nest is on Saturday mornings, between Final Draft and So Hot Right Now.

Saturday 8th of February, 2020

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