IWD 2023 – Future Stars

Each year on IWD we invite people to be our ‘Future stars’. We ask them three simple questions- Where are you now?, Where are you going? And ‘what do you need to get there’? We then let them tell us, in their own words, and their own way. Don’t just foreground today, but everyday!

Annamarie Reyes

A graduate at UTS in Journalism & Communications & Technology who started as a volunteer at 2SER, Annamarie ended up as a foreign correspondent for InterPress Asia & IDN Indepth Newswires (Online Brussels), Briz TV Qld; The Sydney Morning Herald, SBS & ABC Radio World News & Current Affairs- from all around Asia & the Pacific.

Her roving investigative news files found her covering the fall of the Soeharto regime (Indonesia), Timor Leste independence, Islamic conflict & Resource mining operations in Southern Philippines ; & West Papua struggle for independence. She worked as broadcast journalist, producer, feature writer, editor & media/communications specialist for over 20 years now. She’s back at 2SER as Executive Producer for the longest running current affairs “Razors Edge” program & tutoring future sound journalists at UTS. 

Her motto- “just do it & the rest will be ok”. Her favourite podcasts are about young women voices on air and anything about true crime & indie Indigenous music. She loves trees, climbed many mountains & hiked/survived jungles and she’s a mother of a budding forester!


Andrea Purnomo (Dre)

Andrea Purnomo (Dre) is a Traffic Reporter by day, and a Travel Journalist by night and weekend. If you don’t catch her flying around in the traffic chopper, you can find her flying down the mountain bike trails and cycle ways around Sydney with her dog, Chino.

Check them out on Textured.au 

And on instagram @textured.au @dre_says_hey_



Bethany Tracey

As the co-founder of Yours, Mine & Femme and Thursday Drive presenter for 2SER Beth’s voice is one you might already recognise. What you might not know though is that this outgoing and creative broadcast journalist, radio presenter and producer has now kicked over into 5 years 

on air with us, and now wants to build on that platform to go to the next stage in her career. As you can hear, Beth is passionate about developing stories to communicate ideas that

matter, and engaging with like minded individuals who value justice, equality, music and the arts. 

Beth was half of the brains and brawn behind last year’s IWD special, which was nominated for a national CBAA award for best special broadcast!

She’s a collaborative team player who encourages new ideas and celebrates the value of

independent radio, and if you want to get her onto YOUR into music industry hustle you can find her at @ymf_2ser or @beth.tracey_/



Bella Michie 

Co-Founder of Yours, Mine & Femme and super producer/writer/socials wiz, Bella’s ideas bounce off and out of the airwaves. A long time 2SER vol, including on Drive and YMF, she’s now working at ABC local radio and loving it, wanting to build more in the music scene and continue to tell people’s stories through audio. 

Bella was half of the brains and brawn behind last year’s IWD special, which was nominated for a national CBAA award for best special broadcast!

Find her @bella_michie



Veronika Aleshina

Veronika Aleshina has many hats at 2SER. A sometime photographer and lots of the time admin coordinator for the station, she is also a sound recordist, sound designer, volunteer radio producer, and honours student at UTS. Currently working on a project about epistemology and cultural storytelling in film sound. As she puts it, basically, she’s a big old sound nerd.

Find her at LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vealeshina/

Or Instagram: https://instagram.com/thsusrnameistkn


Tuesday 7th of March, 2023

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