Sacked by Machine?

This week in The Vultures’ Nest, we discussed being sacked by machine, a Queensland Parliamentarian complaining about being ridiculed and the Streisand Effect.

Host Sean Morahan was joined by Kate Iselin and David Poltorak.


Ridiculing the Ridiculous

One of the benefits of our form of government in Australia is that we are allowed to criticise our politicians and in return they give us plenty to criticise.

That implied agreement has had a little extra tension over the last week or so.  Advertising Creative director Dee Madigan posted a retweet in May.  The tweet that she retweeted had an animated gif – an image with no sound.  That image showed Queensland LNP MP Jarrod Bleijie ripping up paper in parliament.  Some of the questions posed this morning included:

  • Have you ever criticised politicians?
  • Have you ever publicly satirised or ridiculed someone?
  • Are the Queensland parliament  picking the right fight here?
  • Dobbing.  Is it unaustralian?
  • So Queensland parliament have a rule that “The further publication of the broadcast of proceedings not be used for satire or ridicule.”  Should we be satirising and ridiculing that rule?  Why / Why not?
  • Dee Madigan warned of the Streisand effect on this.  Do you know what the Streisand effect is and do you think it’s happening?
  • Jarrod Bleijie ripped up some paper in Queensland parliament.  Do you know what it was?  And what the issue was?
Sacked by Machine and limiting technology - 2ser Vultures Nest

Part of the communication form Queensland Parliament to Dee Madigan. Source:




Being Sacked by Machine

Ibrahim Diallo, a Los Angeles office worker was accidentally sacked by a system of computer-managed processes.

So in this morning’s program, we couldn’t help but wonder:

  • Have you ever been fired?
  • If so, even though it may have been done by a human, did it feel mechanical?
  • In this situation, would you start to feel a bit worried about your job or just roll with it?
  • When have machines thwarted you?
  • If this happened to you, would you go back / keep working there?
  • Is technology given too much responsibility?
  • If so, how does that differ form a person being given too much responsibility?
  • Have the machines won but they’re keeping it quiet hoping we don’t notice?
  • Do we need machines to sack tantrum politicians?  Who else?

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