The Vultures’ Nest

The Vultures Nest is 2SER's weekly review of some of the tastiest news and culture of the week. The show is alternately hosted by culture vultures: Sean Morahan and Eden Caceda with a panel of guests.

Every week the vultures swoop on a few news/culture morsels, bring them back to the nest and tear them apart for your information and entertainment. Sean Morahan is a stand-up comedian, writer and comedy producer.

Eden Caceda is a journalist, film critic, editor, photographer, radio talent, media personality and entrepreneur.

Regular guests on The Vultures’ Nest include CJ Delling, Te Rina Taite, Kate Iselin, Clare O’Halloran, Peter Gleeson, and Erin Rooney.


Check out the last four weeks of shows below:

Saturdays at 10:30AM