MyHealth – Should You Open Up and Say Aaah?

In today’s Vultures’ Nest program, host Sean Morahan was joined by guests David Poltorak and Peter Gleeson.

Our panel discussed two stories from the week’s news…

How Long Will Your MyHealth Information Remain Yours?

A story that demanded attention recently by being in the news for not being in the news enough: the government’s MyHealth Record system.

Sean put questions about the system and criticism of its security to his guests.  Those questions included:

  • On a scale of 0-10 how well informed would you say you are about the government’s MyHealth record system?
  • Generally, do you trust the government with personal information?
  • Do you trust the government to handle your health records?
  • Have you ever had an incident that you know of, where a medical professional needed to access your entire health history?

In this week’s news, over 1,000 confidential NSW Health medical records were found abandoned in a derelict building in a Southern Sydney suburb. Sure.

  •  Is it fair to compare a state government debacle with a federal government debacle?

Australians have been given a 3 month window to opt out of the system. That window ends on October 15.

  • Have you opted out or do you plan to?
  • Why?

Last month hackers accessed 1.5 million health records in the Singaporean govts online health database. Those records included those of the Singaporean PM.

  • Is there any motivation for a government to protect citizen’s private information?

The link top opt out of MyHealth is here:

The link to NOT opt out of MYHealth is here: 🙂


A Grave Concern for Chinese Funerals

The Jiangxi Provincial Government in China’s south-east have adopted a “zero burial” policy.  The government has seized, destroyed, and even exhumed coffins in enforcing their policy.
In a week where Philippine President Duterte was reported smashing smuggled luxury cars, it was an odd parallel to see that the Chinese officials were reported smashing seized coffins.

During today’s program, we had to ponder:

  • With more people dying and limited land, is this the way of the future?
  • Do you visit the grave site of anyone close to you who is no longer alive?
  • Do you keep ashes of anyone close to you who is no longer alive?

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