Yours, Mine & Femme!’ is back here to explore the realm of femininity outside of the patriarchy! For the debut of our new format, we did a special episode for International Women’s Day, investigating this year’s theme of ‘break the bias.’ For this episode we wanted to focus on your experiences, your everyday encounters with bias and how they’ve impacted you. We’ve spoken with 5 every day women, who throughout their life have dealt with different forms and types of biases. Everything from racial stereotypes, assumptions about sexuality and queerness, the difficulties of being a woman in the workplace and the negative assumptions that surround teen motherhood. But the big question is, will we ever break these biases? Take a listen!


‘Yours, Mine & Femme!’ is a show where we put a spotlight on issues affecting female/feminine identifying persons of all ages, cultures, sexualities and abilities. To catch up on past YMF episodes or to make sure you don’t miss a story, follow us on Instagram and Twitter @YMF_2SER

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