Why Was a CEO ‘Sleep Out’ Auction Postponed?

In this week’s program, host Sean Morahan was joined in the Nest by Sydney writer and comedian Peter Gleeson.

Sean and Peter discussed three stories from the week’s news…

Why Some CEOs Can Sleep In – For Now

A CEO Sleepout organisation made the news overnight because of public opposition to one of their fundraisers. It wasn’t a cake stall. It wasn’t a comedy gala. It was auctioning off a night in Nelson Mandela’s cell on Robben Island. Nelson Mandela spent two decades in that cell.

Bidding began at US $250,000. One of the late bids was in the name of Robert Mugabe.

The auction is now reported as cancelled, but the official website says it is postponed.

Some of the question we asked on this story are:

  • Would you be interested in sleeping in a jail cell?
  • Would you be interested in sleeping in Nelson Mandela’s cell?
  • Given the opportunity, would you visit Nelson Mandela’s cell?
  • Is this about publicising the plights of the homeless or is it more about PR for CEO’s who just don’t get enough good publicity?
  • In South Africa the sleep out movement is named after Nelson Mandela. Does that change things? Should it?


Could You Be Locked Up for Not Locking Up?

Police in the Illawarra district of NSW have recently been opening unlocked cars and checking for valuables. Notes have been left for vehicle owners advising them that the law requires that they lock their vehicle and there is potentially a $108 fine for failing to do so.

  • Is this a breach of civil liberties?
  • Should you really be required by law to lock your car?
  • Do you always lock your car?
  • Do you leave valuables in your car?
  • What is the Police justification for doing this?


Raining Cats’ & Dogs’ Blood Donations?

ABC Science Reporter Belinda Smith reported this week on cat and dog blood donations. We thought this was a fascinating story and had to ponder:

  • How important are pets to you?
  • How much would you do or spend to save a pet’s life?
  • Are pets more important than humans?
  • Would you donate your pet’s blood to save other pets?


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